2023 International EnVision Venus science workshop
9 - 11 May 2023 | Berlin | Germany and on-line (Hybrid)


We are happy to invite the Venus, planetary and exoplanet science communities to the 2023 International EnVision Venus science workshop, which will be held on 9-11 May 2023 at DLR, Berlin, Germany and on-line (Hybrid).

The workshop objective is to bring the science community and participating space agencies together to present and discuss the EnVision mission preparation, and how it will contribute to Venus, planetary and exoplanetary science in the coming decades. Furthermore, dedicated sessions will focus on synergies with other past and upcoming Venus missions and on the consolidation of the EnVision report for adoption (the EnVision Red Book). During these sessions, the workshop participants will be invited to discuss around the following questions;

  • What excites you most about the EnVision mission?
  • How well does it address its scientific questions and objectives?
  • How do you see EnVision scientifically and synergistically collaborating with other Venus missions?
The workshop will be structured around a number of topics, which are listed under the Workshop Topics tab here. Participants are invited to submit abstracts addressing one or more of these.

The EnVision Workshop Venus Public Lecture will be held at the Wilhelm Förster Sternwarte, on 10 May at 8 PM (see https://www.planetarium.berlin/en/veranstaltungen/exploring-venus).

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