5th Quantum Technology Conference

The Technical and Quality Management Directorate of the European Space Agency is pleased to welcome you to join the 5th Quantum Technology Conference on 23 - 25 November.

The Quantum Technology Conference is a virtual event this year, in line with current health and travel guidelines. Registration is free of charge.

Thanks to you, the ESA Quantum Technology Conference has become the reference point and hub for European institutions, space industry, and academia involved in quantum technologies for space—recognised not only for its scientific and engineering excellence, but, also its innovative coverage of policy, commercialisation and institutional perspectives. We aim to facilitate networking among all relevant stakeholders in the field and to identify promising areas of collaboration for the implementation of Quantum Technologies for space applications.

We welcome your contribution to:

• New initiatives and international collaborations
• Quantum community goals
• New strategic challenges
• Technical developments and breakthroughs
• Emerging opportunities, both commercial and institutional

Quantum information processing is a new addition to our topics of quantum sensing, quantum metrology, and quantum cryptography—reflecting latest developments in research and applications to space activities.

Atom chip subsystem integrated in compact vacuum chamber
for an Earth gravity gradiometer based on laser-cooled atom
Image credit: RAL Space and IQO Hannover

Detail of atom chip.
Image credit: RAL Space and IQO Hannover


You can download the programme here:


Registration is closed! 

For last minute registration and availability please contact the ESA Conference Bureau at ESAConferenceBureau@atpi.com.

Keynote Speakers

Jaya Baloo
CISO - Avast

Ticijana Ban
Institute of Physics
 Zagreb, Croatia

Eleni Diamanti
CNRS and Sorbonne University 

Elham Kashefi
University of Edinburgh, Sorbonne University, & VeriQloud 

Seth Lloyd

Jian-Wei Pan
University of Science and Technology of China

Sofia Vallecorsa

Ilana Wisby
CEO - Oxford Quantum Circuits

Lisa Wörner
DLR Institute for Quantum Technologies and University of Ulm

Nan Yu
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology


José Gavira Izquierdo, Head, Mechatronics and Optics Division (ESTEC)
Kyriaki Minoglou, Head, Opto-electronics Section (ESTEC)
 Bruno Leone, Opto-electronics Section (ECSAT)

Organising Committee
Ignacio Aguilar Sanchez (ESTEC) 
Giuseppe Borghi (ESRIN)
 Luigi Cacciapuoti (ESTEC)
 Olivier Carraz (ESTEC)
 Luigi D'Arcio (ESTEC)
 Gabriele De Canio (ESOC)
 Rok Dittrich (ESTEC)
 Harald Hauschildt (ESTEC)
 Clemens Heese (ESOC)
 Oliver Jennrich (ESTEC)
 Nicolas Le Gallou (ESTEC)
 Bertrand Le Saux (ESRIN)
Eamonn Murphy (ESTEC)
 Jorge Piris (ESTEC)
 Jose Pizarro (ESTEC)
 Leopold Summerer (ESTEC)
 Javier Ventura-Traveset (ESA-Centre Spatial de Toulouse)
 Eric Wille (ESTEC)