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The Workshop consists of two elements, the Seventh International EarthCARE Science Workshop and the First ESA EarthCARE Validation Workshop. It will start with a presentation of the EarthCARE Space Segment, including the four science instruments, and the Ground Segment, including the Level 1 and Level 2 data products. The representatives of the science teams developing the Level 2 algorithms will present the individual geophysical data products and their retrieval algorithms. 

The Seventh International EarthCARE Science Workshop will focus on the science preparation of EarthCARE. The science community is invited to present research work relevant to or leading towards the exploitation of the EarthCARE mission, in the areas of cloud and aerosol research, cloud feedback and atmospheric radiation. 

The First ESA EarthCARE Validation Workshop focusses on the preparation of ESA validation activities and summarizes JAXA validation. In particular, the proposals received in reply to the ESA Announcement of Opportunity for EarthCARE Calibration and Validation, which closed on 31 October 2017, will be discussed. All PIs who have received a positive initial evaluation from ESA are invited to actively contribute. All participants of the Seventh International Science Workshop are invited to attend. Presenters of the Validation Workshop do not need to submit an abstract via the workshop submission tool.

The workshop will be organized in plenary and poster sessions.