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The Seventh International EarthCARE Science Workshop (11 June to 13 June noon)

Contributions are invited to discuss how EarthCARE observations are expected to support research in the areas of cloud, convection, precipitation, cloud feedback, aerosol, aerosol-cloud interaction, aerosol-cloud-radiation interaction, model evaluation, Earth radiation budget and data assimilation. Experiences with other observational techniques and (satellite) data leading to recommendation for the EarthCARE preparation will be welcome. The Agencies and their collaborating scientists are explicitly looking forward to welcoming and engaging into discussion with scientists who are to date only very little or not at all involved in EarthCARE preparations, in order to discuss their objectives and needs.

Abstracts may be submitted related to one of the topics listed below. Preference for oral or poster presentation may be indicated, however, a corresponding allocation cannot be guaranteed. 

1. Process Studies
This topic is concerned the discussion of the expected contributions of the EarthCARE mission to improve the understanding of microphysical and dynamical processes related to clouds, convection, precipitation, aerosol and aerosol-cloud interaction.

2. Observational techniques
The wide experience with observation techniques – in particular, active techniques – targeting on clouds, convection, precipitation, aerosol and radiation will be beneficial to the preparation of the EarthCARE mission. Furthermore, existing data sets will be synergistic in coverage, target parameters and/or time with upcoming EarthCARE observations. This topic is concerned with linking the experience and needs of existing observations to EarthCARE.

3. Modelling
This topic shall discuss the contribution of EarthCARE data to the evolution of models. The topic includes cloud representation, convection and precipitation, cloud feedback, aerosol, cloud-aerosol interaction, in respective climate and NWP models on regional and global scales. Furthermore, the assimilation of EarthCARE data into models shall be discussed. 

4. Radiation
The main goal of EarthCARE is linking cloud and aerosol three-dimensional structures to atmospheric heating and solar and thermal radiation. The utility of EarthCARE data and corresponding requirements for studies of the impact of clouds and aerosols on the local, regional and global solar and thermal radiation shall be discussed. 

The First ESA EarthCARE Validation Workshop (13 June noon to 15 June)

The program will be based on the validation proposals received in reply to the ESA Announcement of Opportunity for EarthCARE validation. The Agency will approach the validation proposal PIs and solicit their workshop contribution. Abstracts for the EarthCARE Validation Workshop are therefore not admissible. 

Abstract submission is now closed.