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The objectives of the conference are:

• To present the state of the art and explore innovative approaches for advanced lightweight structures and reflector antennas;
• To share expertise between space and ground actors for lightweight structures;
• To perform deployment demonstration for recently developed structures and antennas (feel free to offer a demonstration / exhibition)

The conference will particularly facilitate exchange of opinions and challenges in concepts and developments of Large Deployable Structures and Antenna Reflectors technologies focusing on current initiatives and identifying the further steps to be initiated. 

Emphasis of the current conference is expected to be on Large Deployable Structures and Antennas including Deployable Antennas for small Satellites (e.g. CubeSats) which are large w.r.t the platform size. In addition, high frequency (up to 100 GHz), Shaped and Reconfigurable Deployable Antennas will be emphasized to address new challenges in terms of theory, design, analysis and technology as well as respective markets.

To achieve this, leading industries and academia experts in the mechanical and radio-electrical domains from all over the world have accepted to join the Technical Committee and elaborate together the conference program.