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Advanced lightweight large structures and antenna systems for space and ground use, innovative technologies, designs and developments, novel materials as well as mechanical/RF analysis / testing / verification procedures are suggested addressing but not limited to the following classes of topics:

Large Antennas and reflectors:

  • High frequency deployable antennas
  • Deployable antennas for small satellites and CubeSat
  • Large size deployable reflectors;
  • Reconfigurable reflectors;
  • Reflect arrays, transmitarrays and lenses;
  • Direct radiating arrays;
  • Deployable helixes and tubular antennas.

Deployable Structures and Mechanisms:

  • Deployable appendages;
  • Deployable arms with mechanisms;
  • Hold down and release mechanisms;
  • Membrane structures;
  • Solar sails, drag sails and solar arrays;
  • Inflatable structures and sunshields.

Applications Related Aspects of Space Deployables:

  • Earth observation (Radiometers, RADAR, SAR);
  • Telecommunication;
  • Science.

Intelligent materials and adaptive structures:

  • New structural and multifunctional materials;
  • Shape morphing structures;
  • Radio transparent, reflective and absorptive materials;
  • Flexible materials and structures;
  • Smart structures and materials;
  • Manufacturing techniques & related (ALM, etc.).

Simulation and Testing of Large Structures and Antennas:

  • Large structures and system interaction aspects;
  • Interaction of mechanical and RF behavior;
  • RF/mechanical and thermal co-design and optimization
  • In-orbit control-structure interaction;
  • Mechanical / thermal / TV  & thermoelastic testing;
  • Radio-Frequency (RF) / PIM antenna testing;
  • Mechanical / thermal / RF modeling and simulation;

Experts are welcome to organize Invited Sessions in their specific areas related to the conference. Please ask for more specific info at conf.icssem@gtu.ge