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Invited Talks

Topic: Astrophysics, Astronomy and Cosmology 
Ms Laura Fissel - Queens University of Kingston, Canada
Title: Astronomy from the Stratosphere

Topic: Atmospheric Physics and Chemistry
Ms Ingrid Mann - University of Tromsø, Norway
Title: Space and Atmospheric Studies from the Arctic: Sounding Rockets and Remote Observations.

Topic: Ionosphere and Magnestosphere
Mr Nickolay Ivchenko - KTH Stockholm, Sweden
Title: Sounding rockets as a tool for lower thermosphere and ionosphere research

Topic: Life and Physical Sciences and Applications in Space
Ms Ruth Hemmersbach - DLR Cologne, Germany
Title: Why do we need Sounding Rockets?

Topic: Utilisation of Balloons for Research Applications
Mr Albert Herzog -  LMD Paris, France
Title: Strateole-2: The Tropical Tropopause under the Scrutiny of Long-duration Balloons

Topic: Space-related Education
Mr Joran Grande - NAROM, Norway
Title: Space, Education and Society

Topic: Utilisation of Rockets for Research Applications
Mr Carlo Iorio - ULB Brussels, Belgium
Title: Enabling Science and Technology with Sounding Rockets