NAVITEC 2022 - News

Conference Days

Kindly note that the Conference has been shortened from 4 days to 3 days only. The new Conference Days are: 05 + 06 + 07 April 2022.

Event Platform 

The online platform we will use for this event is Let's Get Digital. Please note that you need Google Chrome on a PC or laptop for using this platform. Upon registration, and closer to the event date, participants will receive an email with the login credentials to the online platform.


All speakers will present their paper live during the conference with a presentation of 8 minutes. This assures enough time  for questions after the presentations of each Speaker and avoids to have very long virtual sessions, that might prove to be tiring for the audience.

Since approximately 1 weeks before the conference, all registered participants will get access to the author’s 20 minutes pre-recorded presentations, the recorded presentation will be longer than the live sessions, allowing to go deeper in the technical aspects. Attendees can log in, watch the presentation and read the proceeding in advance to the conference in order to prepare for eventual questions to the authors. 


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