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Paper Guideliness non IEEE

The conference proceedings for 8th TTC 2019 will be available to all participants at the workshop. Publication of a paper in the proceedings of 8th TTC 2019  is contingent upon the receipt of the electronic version of the paper in PDF format not later than 1 July 2019. The author instuctions provide guidelines for preparing the required electronic format. Each submission should resemble these instruction sheets in format and style when completed. Please read all instructions thoroughly to avoid errors that could result in your paper(s) being omitted from publication.

Both oral and poster presenters should submit a paper for inclusion in the conference proceedings by the above mentioned deadline.

The author instructions are available here: 8th TTC 2019 Author instructions

All oral and poster presenters are asked to register and pay the registration fee by 1 July 2019. On-line registration is available.

All oral presenters are asked to submit their CV details by 1 July 2019. An online CV template can be downloaded here. 

The paper and CV need to be uploaded in the personal account of the main author; the account as created with the abstract submission.

Your paper must be named as follows: Abstract#_FamilyName, for example 25_Smith
Maximum number of pages is 8.