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About the event

10th anniversary of the milestone International Mars Sample Return Conference, which took place in July 2008 in Paris – co-hosted by ESA and CNES in cooperation with NASA and the International Mars Exploration Working Group (IMEWG). 

The 2nd International Mars Sample Return Conference is scheduled to take place over 2.5 days from April 25-27, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.  The purpose of this conference is to establish a better understanding of the options  for a possible International Mars Sample Return campaign in the next decade, given the 2018 context, to highlight recent accomplishments in Mars exploration that feed forward to Mars Sample Return, and to share international agency and private industry preparatory plans for future Mars missions relating to Mars Sample Return. 

Photo: © NASA

Indication of Interest

IMPORTANT:  To be added to the mailing list to receive pertinent information related to the conference and to register your interest in participating, please submit an Indication of Interest by Tuesday, February 27, 2018.

NASA-NCTS Number: 32593-18

The scientific exploration of Mars and the search for extra-terrestrial life have advanced to the point that the return of samples from Mars is more important than ever to enable the next big discoveries in Mars exploration. Capitalising on major engineering progress in recent years by the world’s space agencies and industries, we are technically ready to start the development of the flight missions associated with retrieving the samples. In parallel, planning for the potential receipt and evaluation of the samples has started, and should accelerate, as well as for the processes associated with making the samples available to the world’s science community. Given the nature and scope of the Mars Sample Return campaign, we expect that engaging the public early and keeping them involved throughout will be a particularly important component of this effort. We have the opportunity and the motivation to make the Mars Sample Return campaign an international endeavour and a reality for all humankind.