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Abstract Submission

Papers will be selected on the basis of a one page abstract. Submissions are expected to contain the following information:

  • Title
  • Proposed topic
  • Full name of all author(s) 
  • Indication of presenting author
  • Institution addresses and e-mail, telephone contact details
  • Proposed type of presentation (oral or poster)
  • Summary, major results/ interests and novelties of the submission

Please note that the 4S Symposium of 2020 was cancelled. It has been decided to address a new topic for 2022. Authors that have submitted abstracts in 2020 are welcome to updated their contribution to address Information Made in Space.

Rights and Permissions: Prior to submission, authors should obtain all clearances, authorizations and licenses needed for submission of the paper to the 4S and the presentation at the symposium. Authors are informed that their paper and presentation will be included in the proceedings and made publicly available.

Significance: Contributions should be substantial and significant in content. The Committee may decline to publish papers that report only incremental progress. Manuscripts that are commercial in nature will not be considered.

Originality: Papers should describe the original work of the authors that has not been previously published in a journal or presented in another conference. Any copying of text, figures, data, or results of other authors without giving credit is defined as plagiarism and is a breach of professional ethics. Such papers will be rejected.

Disclosure: If the topic, presented in the abstract, was previously presented in a conference and published in a conference proceedings or is under consideration for publication in a conference proceedings, this information must be disclosed when the abstract is initially submitted to the 4S. At the time of the paper submission, authors should also reference or acknowledge the prior proceedings.

The deadline for abstract submission is 14 January 2022. The abstract submission has been closed. For changes to your abstract after submission, please contact the ESA Conference Bureau: esaconferencebureau@atpi.com
Authors will be notified on the approval decision of the Technical Committee by 7 March 2022. Authors whose papers have been accepted will then receive instructions for the preparation of their paper.
Kindly note that the 4S Symposium has a "no paper - no podium" policy.