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Rakon has a long history of providing high reliability frequency control products and timing solutions to the space industry, closely working with key customers for 30 years or more.

We are involved in most of the scientific programmes managed by the European Space Agency (ESA), and have been supplying ESA qualified products since the 1980s. Earlier in 2021 Rakon was the first in the world to make it onto the European Space Components Coordination (ESCC) Qualified Parts List (QPL) for selected crystals and oscillators.

When it comes to NewSpace, Rakon comes with the best possible credentials, having strong expertise and products in both traditional space and other applications such as 5G telecommunications networks and precision positioning. Our NewSpace solutions include the following equipment:

NewSpace GNSS Receiver: an easy to customise multi-constellation and multi-frequency GNSS receiver. It is compliant with Galileo and GPS signal requirements off-the-shelf, and its design can be adjusted to take into account new constellations on request (Beidou, GLONASS, SBAS, GBAS, DGPS, QZSS).

NewSpace S-band Transceiver: a low SWaP, full-duplex transceiver designed for TT&C and high data rate inter-satellite links or between satellites and ground stations.

NewSpace MRO (Master Reference Oscillator): is a modular piece of equipment for applications that require a highly stable and reliable signal. It is suitable for LEO, small GEO satellites and satellite constellations with a lifetime guarantee of up to 12 years.

In addition to our NewSpace equipment, we have a broad range of crystal oscillators suitable for NewSpace applications

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