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  • Substrate Manufacture – (SiC, GaN, AlN, diamond)
  • Epitaxy and Materials - (Epitaxial growth, use of alternative materials for improved performance/reliability)
  • Devices - (Device physics, technology, processing, performance, characterisation issues, device modelling, high temperature operation)
  • DC/DC Power Conversion - Focused session on Wide Bandgap semiconductors for DC/DC power conversion applications
  • Reliability - (Theoretical studies, reliability analysis, life-testing methodology, failure mechanisms, radiation hardness)
  • Circuits – (Microwave HPA’s, robust LNA’s, multifunction MMICs, design issues/trade-offs, state of art results, novel circuit functions, sensors, mixed signal circuits)
  • Assembly and Packaging - (Passive and active thermal management, low cost packaging, high temperature packaging solutions)
  • Demonstrators - (Novel application of wide bandgap  technology for space and defence systems)
  • End User Priorities - (Future space/defence industry system requirements, technology bottlenecks, development of standards)
  • Industrial Foundry Capabilities - (Overview of European foundry offering for space and defence applications, roadmaps, issues/problem areas)