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Building on what we learnt from the previous workshop in ESOC (2017) we are primarily interested in addressing the following areas:
· DevOps
· Alternative ways of providing SW solutions – including SaaS, IaaS (*), virtualization, etc.
· Agile practices for both ground and onboard software – risks, benefits, challenges
· Continuous development and integration, and related tools
· SW factory concept - including SW metrics, quality tools, technical debt, quality gates
· Cyber-security (software aspects)
· Model based SW engineering and model-based mission assurance
· Automatic code generation
· SW configuration management
· SW reuse, including OSS (Open Source Software), SW COTS and licensing
· SW engineering and PA approach in the context of scientific institutes and very small entities
· SW process assessment for Very Small Entities (VSEs)
· SW engineering and PA practices from other domains (e.g. automotive, railway, medical)
· SW dependability and safety
· FDIR tools and methods
· Quality requirements for On Board Control Procedures (OBCPs) and command sequences
· PA aspects of Satellite Reference Data Base (SRDB) tools and data (e.g. SRDB tool qualification, synchronization of SRDB data availability vs flight SW development, etc.)
· SW PA approach for small missions/satellites and constellations
    (*) SaaS – SW as a Service; IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service