Third HAPS4esa Workshop
12 - 14 february 2024 

Following the HAPS4ESA 2019 workshop, the European Space Agency is organising the 3rd HAPS4ESA workshop in Leiden, Netherlands, in February 2024. 

High Altitude Pseudo Satellites (HAPS) are uncrewed platforms operating at an altitude of approximately 20 km in the stratosphere. These platforms fly far higher than the altitude at which commercial aircraft operate and have the potential to remain at specific locations for extended periods providing persistent observations from near-space. This makes HAPS a new and attractive technology to fill the gap between terrestrial and space systems. They complement and extend the capabilities of satellites in the domains of Earth Observation, Telecommunication and Navigation. HAPS, in synergy with satellites, offer unique capabilities for the development of value adding applications and science. 

The objectives of the workshop are

          •  to assess the State-of-the-Art of HAPS and to learn about recent developments,
          •  to identify future perspectives of HAPS in Europe,
          •  to elaborate on synergies between HAPS and satellites in the domains of Earth Observation, Telecommunication               and Navigation,
          •  to learn about new and improved science, services and applications enables by combined HAPS and Space                     Assets and 
          • to collect recommendations for future ESA programmes and activities.

ESA is inviting all interested parties from industry (manufacturers, technology providers, operators, service providers), science, academia, regulatory bodies, policy makers, as well as data users to participate in the workshop which will also provide a forum for networking and interaction with European and international experts.

We look forward to seeing you and discussing the recent developments and future perspectives with you! 

The 3rd HAPS4ESA organising team.

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