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Round table: We have AI in Space… now what? – The Next Challenges for AI and Machine Learning in On-Board Processing

Day 2 - On-Board Processing Benchmarks and AI Acceleration
Tuesday, June 15, 2021
5:55 PM - 6:25 PM


Recent developments in Artificial Intelligence are changing every aspect of our lives and literally almost every business organization in the world is embracing this technology. This is also the case for onboard applications, where AI is expected to ease the emergence of new applications and more autonomous systems, bringing huge improvements in operational costs and low latency applications. However, even though the available computer power onboard our satellites already enables several interesting applications, many barriers still exist before wide adoption of these technologies can be achieved for all kind of missions. This round-table will first try to reach a common understanding of what AI means in the field of onboard applications. A discussion will follow to analyze what are the major challenges still remaining on the way of onboard AI.


Roberto Camarero

Panel of Experts

Franck Borde

Anko Börner

Lorenzo Feruglio
Aiko S.r.l.

David Gonzalez-Arjona
GMV Aerospace & Defence

Massimiliano Pastena