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Objectives & Topics

OBDP 2021 sessions will include several aspects of on-board data processing, in order to cover all the major areas of interest for the attendance.

Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to:

  • Status of ESA, CNES and DLR On-Board Data Processing Activities
  • Current and Future Data Processing Requirements, Trends and Needs
  • Developments in On-Board Data Processing Frameworks and Architectures 
    • Reconfigurable data processing architectures
    • Parallel processing frameworks (OpenMP, OpenCL)
    • Hardware acceleration of processing tasks
    • Heterogeneous processing systems
  • Devices and Equipment for On-Board Data Processing 
    • Devices and benchmarks (Multicore processors, GPUs, FPGAs)
    • Digital processing units (DPUs)
    • Processing systems based on COTS devices
    • Processing modules for OBCs and mass memories
  • On-board Data Processing Algorithms and Implementations 
    • Multi- and Hyperspectral image processing 
    • Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) processing
    • Radio interferometer processing
    • Visual navigation
    • Data and Image Compression
    • Data reduction
    • Other on-board processing applications
  • Machine learning for on-board data processing 
    • Data Analysis (classification, segmentation, selection) 
    • Software tools and FPGA IP for machine learning inference
    • Fault-tolerance in deep learning algorithms

Additional topics may be added depending on contributions.