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ESA SME Training
Product Assurance in ESA projects

29 - 30 October 2019 (ESA/ESTEC)

This 2-day course aims at providing participants with an overview of the Product Assurance (PA) tasks to be performed throughout a project. It introduces how Product Assurance is implemented in ESA projects and provides practical examples on how PA is involved in projects and tips where to find relevant information. The course does not provide detailed training on ECSS or ECSS tailoring since the tailoring is highly dependent on a specific project and product.

While a generic overview of Product Assurance tasks is provided to all participants on day 1, day 2 treats Hardware and Software PA aspects in more detail. Participants choose either the Hardware PA or Software PA module, depending on their needs and interests.

Target Group
This course is of particular interest to organisations which have the intention to develop hardware or software (stand-alone or as part of a higher level system) for ESA.

Although no previous Software experience is required, it is recommended to have some background in Software Engineering if Module 3 (Software PA) is attended.