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Poster session

Poster Session

The poster presentations will be located in the Newton conference centre. Posters will remain on display during the whole meeting and dedicated poster sessions have been scheduled in the programme. 

For the poster session list click here.


Poster guidelines:

  • Poster can have a maximum dimension of 90cm wide and 180cm tall.
  • Push pins will be available at the registration desk.
  • Please bring a printed poster. No printing facilities are available at ESTEC.
  • Authors are strongly encouraged to produce a proper paper rather than using multiple sheets of A4 paper.
  • Authors will be assigned a number corresponding to the associated board. Please refer to the corresponding Table displayed next to the registration desk.
  • Posters will be on display during the entire workshop. 
  • One of the authors should be available near his poster during the breaks to answer possible questions. 
  • Posters need to be removed at the end of the workshop. Any poster left will be removed by the organizers