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The ESA Conference Bureau organises Courses, Meetings, Conferences, Workshops and Symposia supported by the European Space Agency.

Since 2016, the ESA Conference Bureau is operated by ATPI Corporate Events (in ESTEC) and Olly Services (in ESRIN). The two offices operate with unified procedures, tools and the same software, in order for all ESA users to receive the same qualitative service, no matter where they are. ATPI Corporate Events is a full service event management company with enhanced travel specialist expertise. Olly Services is a company offering a broad and versatile service portfolio from Events Organisation to Facility Management and Merchandising. Both teams are here to assist you with every kind of request regarding your event. We have the necessary resources, deep knowledge and long experience to ensure that your events (both onsite and offsite) will meet and exceed your expectations. We are able to achieve high results by developing tailor-made solutions that fit your projects and your target audience. We look forward to receiving your requests.

Meet The Team - ESTEC

GĂ©raldine Provot
Operations Manager ATPI Events
Ext. 51804

Peter Kraan
Senior Project Manager
Ext. 53602

Irene Saalmink
Project Manager
Ext. 58179

Tessa Rowbottom
Project Manager
Ext. 54712

Nikita Jorge - de Beer
Project Manager
Ext. 55005

Jasmijn Klunder
Junior Project Manager
Ext. 55005

Jasmijn Willemse
Junior Project Manager
Ext. 55005

Meet The Team - ESRIN

Matteo Corona
Events Service Manager
Ext. 88887

Riccardo Sonnino
Event Project Manager
Ext. 80918

Lorenza Versace
Event Project Manager
Ext. 88495

Kimberly Mazzilli
Junior Event Project Manager

Romana Cupellini
Junior Event Project Manager

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