Hotel bookings will be dealt with by the ESA Travel Office. The list of hotels and rates are available for download HERE. Kindly note that these rates are only available when booked via ATPI and are subject to availability. 

For the booking of a hotel room via ATPI a booking fee will be applied. 

To make a booking please e-mail: 

Booking Procedure:

In order to book your hotel we require a valid credit card number with expiry date.

Your card will be used to guarantee the room and our service fee of EUR 20 will be charged exclusive of 21% VAT (total amount EUR 24.20). 

A secured link will be emailed to you in order to provide the card number and will remain valid for 72 hours. The link works best when you use the Google Chrome browser. Should the link not work please call us during office hours to provide your card number.

If you require a specific company address on your invoice, please inform ESA Travel Office at the time of booking. As they won’t be able to change this once the invoice has been processed.

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