The preliminary agenda foresees the workshop to commence at 12AM on 12 February and to finish after 6PM on 14 February 2024. We are delighted to invite you to a Welcome Reception on 12 February.


High Altitude Pseudo Satellites have the potential to cover a wide range of applications. Examples are the quasi-permanent very-high resolution observations of local surface and atmosphere phenomena complementing existing and future satellites providing quasi-real-time information delivery to users, augmentation of space-borne and terrestrial broadband communication capabilities or the augmentation of GNSS operations integrated within the overall navigation.

Within the 3rd HAPS for ESA Workshop, we are targeting the following topics:

         •  State-of-the-Art and future HAPS platforms
         •  Synergies of HAPS with 
                     •  operational and scientific Earth Observation missions
                     •  telecommunication systems
                     •  PNT (positioning, navigation and timing) systems
                     •  integrated applications and services: Earth observation + navigation + telecommunications                                                  including all related services and applications.
         •   Payloads, including miniaturisation, modular architectures to accommodate multiple missions, customisation and               standardisation efforts
         •   Ground segment solutions for HAPS, including command and control, communications, user segment and on-                   ground data processing
         •   Demonstration activities and prototyping campaigns
         •   Operations solutions for HAPS
         •   Regulatory topics: airspace regulation for HAPS with a focus on Europe, airworthiness, spectrum

Please find below the preliminary programme for the HAPS4ESA Workshop 2024. 

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