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Instructions for submission to the ESPC2019 conference proceedings

The conference proceedings for ESPC 2019 will be available to all conference participants. 

If you wish to publish in IEEE-xplore please see the instructions reported at the page “Paper Guidelines - Instructions IEEE Publication”. 

No other on-line repository rather than IEEE will be used.

Both oral and poster presenters shall submit a paper for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

In order to submit your paper for inclusion in the ESPC2019 proceedings, the following steps must be followed
  • At least one author has registered to the conference at the ESPC conference registration link before 19 July 2019   
  • Templates of the paper format are available here 
  • Please use A4 format 
  • Please remove the copyright footnote 
  • Maximum number of pages is 8 
  • Your paper must be converted in PDF and named as follows: Abstract#_FamilyName, for example 25_Smith 
  • Authors have uploaded the Paper in pdf format in ESPC paper management tool before 16 September 2019