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Papers for IVEC 2021 are sought on the following topics:

1. Vacuum Electron Devices

  • Traveling-wave devices (microwave and mmWave TWTs)  
  • Backward-wave devices (oscillators and amplifiers)  
  • Transit-time devices (klystrons, MBKs, EIOs/EIKs) 
  • Inductive output devices (IOTs)  
  • Crossed-field devices (e.g. magnetrons, oscillators and amplifiers)  
  • Fast-wave devices (e.g. gyrotrons, oscillators and amplifiers)  
  • Free electron lasers and masers, undulators  
  • High-power microwave / RF directed energy devices  
  • Triodes, tetrodes and pentodes
  • Plasma filled amplifiers and oscillators  
  • Novel spatially distributed electron beam devices  
  • Novel mm-Wave and Terahertz amplifiers and oscillators    
  • Plasma devices and thrusters  
  • Power switches  
  • Pulse compression devices

2. Emitter/Cathode Technologies and Emission Physics

  • Thermionic emitters (e.g. directly heated emitters, dispenser cathodes, scandate emitters)
  • Non-thermionic emitters (e.g. photocathodes, secondary emitters)
  • Field emitters/arrays (e.g. SiC nanowires)
  • Novel emitter materials and technologies (e.g. graphene)
  • Novel cathode design, fabrication and characterization
  • Accelerator emission physics (breakdown, halo, emittance)

3. Key Components, Tools, Technologies and new trends

  • Key components (e.g. guns, couplers, severs, circuits, vacuum windows, collectors)
  • Materials (e.g. dielectric and magnetic materials, coatings)
  • Metamaterial structures and designs
  • Analysis and computer modelling
  • Simulation/design tools (PIC, multi-physics)
  • RF breakdown
  • Linearity, intermodulation and noise
  • Thermal power management and control
  • Components/devices miniaturization
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies (e.g. additive manufacturing, laser ablation)
  • Measurements techniques and diagnostics
  • Sensors and detectors

4. Subsystems

  • Microwave and mm-Wave power modules
  • Linearizers
  • Electronic power conditioners, modulators, and supplies
  • Vacuum components and systems
  • Amplifier and antenna interfaces
  • Device and system integration
  • System performance and reliability

5. Systems and Applications

  • Wireless communication (e.g. future broadband technologies, THz wireless communication) 
  • Electric propulsion
  • Applications in medicine and industry 
  • Particle accelerators 
  • Nuclear fusion 
  • Materials processing and lithography 
  • Radar technologies and systems (e.g. space observation, long range radar) 
  • Electronic countermeasures 
  • High-power microwave systems 
  • X-Ray imaging 
  • Ultra-fast electron microscopy

6. Nano vacuum electronics 

  • Emerging material and structure for cathode 
  • Numerical simulation and modeling 
  • Negative workfunction cathode 
  • In-depth reliability study and aging mechanism 
  • Circuit primitive and applications 
  • Compact model