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OBPDC 2020
21 - 23 September 2020
Free Online Event

From on-board data compression to on-board data analytics.

Over the past decade, rapid developments in digital technologies and access to space have enabled unprecedented capabilities of monitoring our planet and, more generally, our Universe.

Accordingly, this new space race is steadily pushing for a paradigm shift in order to respond to the associated challenges: huge number of satellites, greater diversity of sensor types, greater spatial and spectral resolutions, higher temporal cadence, shrinking spectrum resources, etc.

Thus, traditional data compression techniques emerged from Claude Shannon’s Information Theory might not be enough anymore to cope with the massive amounts of data of the upcoming generation of space-borne instruments. 

In essence, this paradigm shift means evolving from the ability to remove redundant and non-relevant data, to the capacity of understanding and extracting the meaningful information concealed in the raw data.

Fortunately, two major innovations, high-performance on-board processing (e.g. edge computing) and Artificial Intelligence, are making their way into space and are headed to become the best allies of classical compression techniques.


The On-Board Payload Data Compression Workshop aims to bring together all the professionals working in the field, to share the latest ideas and developments and to pave the way for the future technological challenges. This virtual Workshop is co-organised by ESA and CNES with the support of the National University of Athens (https://en.uoa.gr/), and will take place on 21-23 September 2020. 

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