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The main subject areas which can or will be addressed in the workshop are listed in the additional tabs. However this list is not considered exhaustive, and authors are encouraged to propose papers on topics they consider relevant, even if they are not explicitly mentioned here. 

Papers can address specific experience from past and current activities, describe trends and commonalities, or discuss future plans.

Simulation Based Development

  • Simulation as support to System Engineering 
  • Integrated development process 
  • Mission and system analysis and definition 
  • Model based specification – functional and data level 
  • Simulation as support to concurrent and collaborative engineering 
  • Data exchange 
  • Simulation to support design verification 
  • The “Virtual Spacecraft” concept 
  • Ultra realistic spacecraft model concept (Digital Twin)
  • Verification and validation on system, software and element level
  • End-to-End simulation systems, performance simulations 
  • Operations preparation, mission planning and simulation based training

EGSE & AIT processes

  • EGSE Building Blocks
  • Remote testing
  • Commonality with mission operations
  • Training
  • Information flow
  • Procurements
  • System level Databases

Methods & Tools

  • Simulation infrastructures 
  • Tools and Environments
  • Low-end simulator platforms 
  • Hardware-In-The-Loop Simulation 
  • Humans-In-The-Loop Simulation
  • Validation and verification of simulators 
  • Remote Testing
  • Agent Based Simulators 
  • Reuse of simulation products: models, architectures, procedures and databases 
  • Real-Time simulation: scheduling and data communication
  • Distributed processing: advanced scheduling, parallel running models, GRID, cloud approaches  
  • Data exchange
  • Visualisation of simulation data
  • Human Computer Interfaces 
  • 3D graphics, low-end 3D graphics technologies 
  • Real time 3D immersive interactive visualisation, "Virtual Reality", Augmented Reality
  • Virtual integration (over networks)
  • System, Simulation and AIT Databases
  • Model Based Verification
  • Infusion of Simulation Methods from non-space domains

A special focus for 2019 is intended to be approaches and technologies able to improve the overall AIT process. Potential areas for application in AIT are the following:

'Special Focus' - Advanced Methods & Tools for AIT

Artificial intelligence and Big Data for AIT

  • Artificial intelligence and Big Data for AITdeep learning, e.g. for diagnostic purpose and knowledge discovery
  • machine vision, e.g. for as-built qualification
  • AI-optimized hardware for AIT, during design phase
  • AI-based automation to optimize procedures
  • Stream Analysis to support the points above
  • Understanding of heterogeneous data
  • Etc.

Augmented and virtual reality for AIT

  • Support of procedure design, validation and execution
  • Improve AIT automation 
  • Etc.

Virtual Testing

  • Advance system testing to earlier phases
  • Early verification

Advance System Testing to Earlier Phases

  • Early verification