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About the Course

Optical engineering for Space is a highly specialized profession in need of trained and experienced people. Technology evolution and market dynamics requires to stay up to date with new methodologies for the designing, manufacturing, and commissioning high performance Space optical instruments.

Pushed by this need, the European Space Agency took the initiative to organize a course for professionals operating in the sector of optical engineering for Space. Two types of courses are organized: one dedicated to instrument design and the other to cover key
technologies for manufacturing and assembly of space optical instrument The two courses are organised alternatively, one per year. The course of 2018 is targeted to space optical instrument technology.

The team of lectures consists of professionals with a long standing experience in the sector. Their accessibility during the course, gives the participants a unique opportunity to deepen their knowledge with one-to-one meetings aside of the planned lectures.

The venue, a small hotel in a stunning location in northern Sardinia, gives plenty of opportunities to develop a professional network. Sharing problems and discussing solutions is the way to build a community of optical engineers for Space to make the Space sector growing as a whole.

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