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Course Overview

The 2018 course will present state-of-the-art technologies for space optic instruments. The new research area of free-form optics in optical design will be discussed in detail, covering manufacturing, metrology and verification.

Another area addresses in 2018 are the technology breakthrough in manufacturing of large gratings, as for example lithographic technologies, already successfully used in the GAIA radial velocity spectrometer.

Polarization scramblers are needed to fulfil the stringent polarization requirements of optical instruments for Earth Observation. Concepts, optical design, manufacturability and achievable performances of polarization scrambler will be discussed. These are only some highlights of the topics of the 2018 course.

Course Content

· Optical CAD Instrument Modelling and Analysis
· Introduction to Optical Manufacturing Technologies
· Optics packaging Technologies for harsh environment
· Imaging Optics Design with Freeform Optics
· Freeform Optics Verification
· Lithographic Grating Technology
· Space Coating Manufacturing and Qualification
· Polarization Scrambler
· Surface and Contamination Scatter
· STOP Analysis of Optical Instruments
· AIT of On- and Off-axis telescopes
· Detector Technology
· Hands-on Activity

A more detailed programme, including information on the lecturers, is available via the following link.

Targeted Participants

Young professionals active in the optical industry, space industry or academia with a vested interest in learning about design, engineering and/or state of the art technology in space optics instrument design and technology are invited to participate in this course on Space Optics Instrument Technology.