ICSO 2022

ICSO 2022 is the 14th edition of the largest meeting worldwide of experts working in all disciplines of Optical, Optoelectronic and Photonic Technologies for Space Applications.

Plenary Talks

A number of Plenary Talks will convey the Space Optics activities from around the world. Confirmed so far: 

Optics in ESA's Earth Observation Program
by Arnaud Heliere, ESA/ESTEC 

Innovative Optics in ESA's Space Science Program
by Marcos Bavdaz, ESA/ESTEC 

Optics in China's Space Program
by Weigang Wang, Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics & Electricity

Optics in Japan’s Space Progam
by Kimura Toshiyoshi, JAXA  

Optics in NASA's Earth Science Program
by Sachidananda Babu, NASA, Earth Science Technology Office 

Doing Space Optics in Africa
by Martin Jacobs, aQmetriq, South Africa 

James Webb Space Telescope and Optics in NASA’s Astrophysics Missions
by Lee Feinberg, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center 

Special Guest Plenary Talk

The Milky Way, an update: unsolved mysteries and revolutionary insights
by Jos de Bruijne (European Space Agency, ESTEC, The Netherlands)Despite the fact that we live inside it, our home galaxy, the Milky Way, holds many mysteries. When did it form, how is it structured, or how does it evolve? This talk will present an update of our understanding of the Milky Way galaxy, focusing on some of its unsolved mysteries. In the last decade several breakthrough discoveries have been made in our understanding of the Milky Way mostly due to the European Space Agency's Gaia mission. Gaia has been scanning the heavens since mid-2014. In June 2022, the third batch of Gaia data has been released. The talk will highlight the key revelations of the last decade, including the Gaia-Enceladus merger event that fundamentally shaped our home galaxy some 10 billion years ago.  

COVID-19 Suggestions 

Covid-19 Test/Vaccination Requirements: There are no COVID-19 test or vaccination requirement for most travelers. 

Health Form/App Requirements: There are no health form requirements for most travelers. 

Quarantine Requirements: There are no quarantine requirements for most travelers. 

  • Prior to the conference, please pay special attention to avoid contamination. Use common sense measures suggested over the past 2.5 years. 
  • Perform a PCR test the day before getting into the airplane and a self /rapid test the same day of the flight. If positive, do not get into the flight. 
  • Use face masks at the airports and in the airplane 

Upon registration you will be handed a kit with: 

  • a self/rapid test. Please take 15 minutes and perform the test in your space. If positive, please isolate yourself and do not come to the sessions and social events. 
  • a face mask. Please use it throughout the conference and social events and buses if you will follow the excursions. This is the single most important and common-sense measure to take. 


ICSO 2022 will be hosted in Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean. 

The main highlight of Dubrovnik is the Old City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with magnificent defensive walls surrounding where you may recognise some of the 'Game of Thrones' series settings.


Sun Gardens Dubrovnik Resort is located in the small village of Orašac, only 11 km from Dubrovnik city centre. 


The purpose of ICSO is to bring together the Space Optics Community and exchange information and ideas on the Research, Development, Qualification and Flight Experience of using optical technologies for space missions. Technology experts meet Mission experts to address the lessons learnt from past developments and identify the next significant developments in employing lightwave technologies and techniques used in all types of Space Missions. ICSO 20200 will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia and is the 14th conference of the series co-organised by ESA and CNES and follows the ones held in:

  • Virtual in 2020
  • Chania, Crete in 2018
  • Biarritz, France in 2016
  • Tenerife, Spain in 2014
  • Ajaccio, France in 2012
  • Rhodes, Greece in 2010
  • Toulouse, France in 2008
  • Noordwijk, The Netherlands in 2006
  • Toulouse, France in 2004
  • Toulouse, France in 2000
  • Toulouse, France in 1997
  • Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany in 1994
  • Toulouse, France in 1991

Young Space Optics Professionals

In ICSO 2022 we plan to initiate a number of actions dedicated to younger colleagues joining the field of Space Optics. For any ideas please contact the Conference Bureau. 

For more information have look to their dedicated page.

Live demo of ESA Lidar Mobile Lab! Come and have a look!

During the ICSO conference, the ESA Mobile Raman Lidar (EMORAL) - a complex Lidar for aerosol observations- will be present to show its recent upgraded capabilities, as the new installed fluorescence channel. The mobile laboratory will be operational at Sun Gardens Dubrovnik Resort premises for the whole week. 

Now, the ICSO Proceedings in the SPIE Digital Library! 
In order to enhance the dissemination of the papers published in ICSO the conference organisers decided to collaborate with the SPIE and publish all the ICSO papers in the SPIE Digital Library. A dedicated webpage 
https://www.spiedigitallibrary.org/icso files all the ICSO proceedings. Now, all ICSO papers acquire a "Digital Object Identifier" and will be scanned by all the big academic search engines in a far more elaborated way. Furthermore, the papers will be published in "open access" which means that the visibility will be increased markedly. This will maintain the basic value of our conference in providing easy and free access to its contents to the Space Optics Community.  

CEAS Space Journal

The CEAS Space Journal includes a distinct field on “Optical, Optoelectronics and Photonics” and welcomes papers of ICSO in an extended version of the conference paper including theoretical analysis. Consider an electronic submission through the Journal website.


The International School on Space Optics-ISSO is the sister event of ICSO targeting to offer a comprehensive overview of the Science and Engineering of Space Optics to young scientists and engineers interested in the field. It is held biannually alternating with ICSO. ISSO 2023 will be held at ESA/ESTEC, The Netherlands from 23 - 27 October 2023. For more information, see the ISSO 2023 website.

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