The ISSFD is a series of conferences providing an international forum for specialists in the field of space flight dynamics. It is sponsored by various space agencies, including APL, CNES, DLR/GSOC, ESA/ESOC, EUMETSAT, INPE, JAXA/ISAS, JPL, NASA/GSFC, Roscosmos, CSA, CAS and XSCC.T

The symposia take place at an interval of about 18 months, and the sponsor agencies and centers take turns to organize it. The 1st ISSFD was held in 1981 in Darmstadt, Germany, and the previous 28th ISSFD in 2022 Beijing, China. Areas of interest for the ISSFD include, but are not limited to:    

- Flight dynamics operations

- Orbit theory    

- Mission and trajectory design    

- GN&C measurement systems    

- Tracking and orbit determination     

- Maneuver design     

- Autonomous navigation     

- Attitude dynamics, determination, and control    

- Formation flying    

- Constellation design and maintenance    

- Space environment, orbital debris and collision risk mitigation

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