Presentation and Video Recording Guidelines

Technical recommendations for Oral Presentations

  • Presenters shall allocate 20 minutes per presentation - including time for questions - and are asked to follow their allocated presentation time including time for questions and discussions. 
  • Please note that you need Google Chrome on a PC or laptop for using the Let's Get Digital platform
  • Please upload your presentation as PDF onto the platform in your dedicated session two days prior the event
  • Presenters are kindly requested to arrive in the virtual meeting room at least 10 minutes prior to the start of the session 
  • A speakers Guide will be sent out to all presenters via email a bit closer to the event dates in order to introduce the platform
  • All oral presenters are asked to submit their biography via e-mail to  no later than 15 February 2022. A biography template can be downloaded HERE


Technical recommendations for Video Recordings

At this years NAVITEC Conference we are requesting from all presenting speakers a video recording of their presentation, uploaded on the portal via link by February 15, 2022.  All authors have been informed by email if this is required to prepare or not.

Guidelines for the presentation video:

  • The video should not be longer then 18 minutes
  • The video should show the slides of the presentation
  • The video should include the oral presentation (speaking along the presentation)
  • The video should be uploaded on the Full Paper Upload Portal as a link to a public server such as YouTube or Vimeo (no MP4 formats are allowed)  - Please check settings on YouTube or Vimeo for making the video private)

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