Exhibitor Resources

The 4S exhibition will be held in the Expo Zone at the Palma Convention Centre. The large surface area of the Expo Zone has two different heights and is split over two levels (Floor 0 and 1) with an abundance of natural daylight coming in through large glass windows while providing beautiful sea views over Palma de Mallorca Bay. 

Expo Zone 1 - Ground Floor

Expo Zone 2 - First Floor

Exhibitor Hall and (Pre-)Registration

The Expo Zone can hold a maximum of 83 exhibitor stands of 3x2 M2 split across two levels. Attendees can pre-register in the afternoon on Sunday, 26 May 2024 in the Auditorium Hall of Illes Balears located on the ground floor. Timings will be confirmed closer to the time. To commence set-up early the next day Exhibitors are urged to pre-register so that they don't have to queue for registration first.

When coming by car, drive until Door A when in the car park of Palma Convention Centre. From here you can take an elevator to the Auditorium Hall of Illes Balears.

Exhibition Dates and Opening Hours

All exhibitor stands must be manned and operational by 10:30 Monday morning. To avoid having to queue for registration the Monday morning and commence set-up straight away it is recommended that Exhibitors pre-register on Sunday, 26 May 2024

Exhibitor Stand Assignments

Whenever possible, space assignments will be made by 4S Organising Committee, in keeping with the location preferences requested by the exhibitor via the exhibitor portal. The 4S Organising Committee, however, reserves the right to make the final determination of all space assignments in the best interest of the exhibition. 

Set-Up and Dismantling Hours

The exhibition hall is open for set-up from 14:00 on Sunday, 26 May, 2024. The conference is scheduled to end early afternoon on Friday, 31 May, 2024. Exhibitors can start to dismantle their exhibitor stand after the conference ends on Thursday between 18:00-20:00 or on Friday after the morning coffee break at 10:50 when attendees have left the exhibition hall to attend the final conference session until 13:00

Food and Beverage

It is completely forbidden to introduce any food and beverages from any external sources into the Palma Convention Centre. Note it is allowed to bring personlised water bottles from e.g. stainless steel inside the EXPO zone, but not plastic.

Table Size of Each Exhibitor Stand

The exhibition stand packages include a table of 75 x 75 x 70 cm. Floor space only stands include a table of either  1.60 / 1.70 x 0.70 x 1.00 m. 

Ordering of AV Equipment or Furniture and Branding

To choose the colour of the carpet in your exhibitor booth, order audio visual equipment or additional furniture, arrange for any branding please complete and return an order form to: 

AICO Event Production
Tel: (+34) 971 73 92 50
Mob: (+34) 653 99 23 62
Email:  tradefair@aico.es

Important: all requests / orders are to be submitted to AICO by Sunday, 5 May 2024 (deadline extended).


Yes, all attendees will have access to WIFI at the Palma Convention Centre. If you need a hard-wired internet connection, you will need to order this in advance. To do so please complete the service form and email this to Paula Quintero at paula.quintero@melia.com. Deadline for ordering a hired-wired internet connection is Friday, 26 April 2024.


Each exhibitor stand will have access to 380V power supply. If you need higher levels or additional power sources you will need to notify the venue in advance. For this please email Paula Quintero at paula.quintero@melia.com. Deadline for ordering electrical supplies is Friday, 26 April 2024.

Important: the Palma Convention Centre will switch off all electricity during event non-running hours (determined by the agenda of the event). Should permanent electrical supply be needed kindly notify ESA Conference Bureau so that this can be properly communicated and coordinated. The Palma Convention Centre / 4S Organising Committe will not be responsible for any damage or incident caused by a lack of communication and coordination thereof.

Shipping Materials

The Palma Convention Center will receive packages as of Friday, 24 May between the hours of 09:30-17:30. Any packages received before this date may be refused. It is your own responsibility to ship the materials on time and within the indicated time frame. When shipping materials please download the Exhibitor Shipping Label and ensure to include your stand number. 

Once the event is over, no goods, garbage, disposables or materials can be left behind in the Palma Convention Centre. Any return shipments are to be arranged for pick-up on Friday, 31 May 2024 after the conclusion of the morning break. It is your own responsibility to arrange for return shipment. 


  • The Palma Convention Centre disclaims any responsibility for the content of parcels sent by exhibitors. Any shipment will clearly display the name of the exhibitor responsible of the shipment withdrawal.
  • The Palma Convention Centre disclaims any responsibility for shipments deposited at the customs office and addressed to the venue.
  • The client undertakes to fulfil and to enforce the customs regulations.

Special Instructions for Loading and Unloading

As the Palma Convention Centre must be notified in advance of any delivery prior to the event, so that it can verify storage availability. Rental costs will apply for deliveries shipped before Friday, 24 May 2024 or if excessive storage space is required. The loading and unloading times are from Monday to Friday, 09:30h-17:00h (uninterrupted).

The Palma Convention Centre doesn't have staff at hand for the loading and unloading of materials, neither transport equipment such as wheelbarrows or trolleys. Consequently, the carrier will take the materials to the designated area. 

Due to the complexity of the loading and unloading of goods and for the purpose of minimizing related risks, especially whilst events are taking place, and possible lack of storage space in-house, the Palma Convention Centre strongly encourages exhibitors to work with a logistics company which can look after the operational logistics if intending to ship materials before Friday, 24 May 2024 or seeking large storage facilities. For storage, delivery and the collection of exhibition material it recommends to hire the professional services of RESA EXPO LOGISTICS.

Shipping goods to your stand

Before shipping any items to your stand please make sure you get in touch with the recommended handling company, RESA EXPO LOGISTICS. They will be happy to solve your doubts and offer their services for reception and delivery or unloading to stand of your materials.
Please note that non-EU shipments need an importer of the record and cannot be consigned directly to the venue, as they will get stuck at customs.

To receive detailed instructions, please contact: 

Contact: Raquel Barreiro
Telephone: (+34) 93 233 41 10
Email: operations@resaexpo.com

Transfer of Materials

We have arranged via AICO Event Productions for the transfer of any materials received to the exhibitor stand location on the set-up day. The exhibitor however is responsible for the content of the boxes transferred. Any additional transfers required, exhibitors will need to arrange with AICO Event Productions at own cost. 


There will be security at every functional access door into the facilities during the mantling, event and dismantling.

The exhibitor accepts full liability for the materials, goods and technology placed at their stand for the full length of the event, whilst the mantling, event and dismantling are taking place.

Important: the Palma Convention Centre / 4S Organising Committee do not accept any liability for any possible theft or petty larceny and recommends their exhibitors to be cautions with their materials and IT equipment, especially those of reduced dimensions, at all times, event after the closure of the exhibition.


Exhibitors requiring dedicated cleaning services at their stand during the event, will need to request this by emailing Paula Quintero at paula.quintero@melia.com prior to the start of the event. See section Staff Services on page 6 in the Expositor Services document for pricing.

Location of The Facilities & Parking Regulations

The Palma Convention Centre has an underground parking with a total capacity of 245 vehicles, including 2 charging points for electrical vehicles. The parking charges are: 1.95 euro per hour. Hotel guests from MeliĆ” Palma Bay pay 1.95 euro per hour and 15 euros per day.

The (un)loading bay can be accessed from within the underground parking. More information about the height of the parking garage or the different access areas (specially for vans and industrial vehicles), please contact Paula Quintero at paula.quintero@melia.com.


Smoking is strictly forbidden in all areas of the Palma Convention Centre.

Conference Website and App

All exhibitors and sponsors are posted on the conference website and conference app with links back to their website. Note that this is only possible if the information was provided via the respective portals set-up for exhibitors and sponsors. 

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