Space Transformation


A special session will be dedicated to Space Transformation. Authors are invited to send their contribution on the topic addressing any of the questions stated under the Space Transformation description on the home page.

The topic Access to Space includes two sessions, one dedicated to new developments and technologies, and one with a round table where launch services providers are invited to discuss challenges and opportunities. Should you be interested in contributing to the round table, please submit an abstract here to propose a topic to be discussed during the Access to Space round table.

Please find below the topics of the symposium. 

4S Symposium

  • Space Transformation
  • In-flight Experience
  • New Missions & System Analysis 
  • Earth Observation 
  • Science Telecom & Navigation 
  • Access to Space
  • Academic Projects 
  • Users & Ground Segments 
  • New Technologies 

CubeSat Workshop

  • Missions & Systems Analysis
  • In-Flight Experience 
  • Payloads 
  • Attitude Control & Telecom Systems 
  • Ground Segments 
  • New Technologies 

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