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Schedule Mechanisms Workshop 2019
Wednesday 13th of February 
Start Time
  Presentation Title
 Company and country  Presenter

9:00   Workshop welcome speech
ESA- TEC -MSM  L.Gaillard
9:20   NMS  welcome speech
9:45   Moving from incentive R&D activities to Project Phase B2/C/D
ESA- TEC -MSM  Ronan Le Letty
10:00   ICPE in the field of space ICPE.  Roamia   Ioana Ionica 
10:30   COMOTI background and capabilities for space. Closing mechanisms for a sample container. COMOTI National Research and Development Institute for Gas Turbines. Romanian Ionut Florian POPA
11:00   Coffee break
11:30   The impact of low temperatures on the structural health monitoring using mechanical guided waves on space structures and mechanisms INCAS – National Institute for Aerospace Research "Elie Carafoli", Bucharest, Romania Tiberiu Adrian Salaoru.
12:00   Predictive Engineering for Space Mechanisms Heron Engineering Greece Georgia Psoni
12:30   Honeywell, Czech Republic: The Development of Rotary Actuator Honeywell | Aerospace  Czech Republic Marian Polak
13:00   Lunch break
14:00   Development of space mechanisms in Astronika: outcomes and lessons learned after 6 years of R&D activities. HDRMs, Antennas, scientific instruments: JUICE and InSight  Astronika Sp. z o.o., Warsaw, Poland  Jakub Stelmachowski,  
14:30   Shock and vibration attenuation for the space industry – Adaptronica expertise Adaptronica Sp. z o.o. Arkadiusz Mróz
15:00    Development and Qualification of the Deployment (DEM) and Hold-down & Release (HRM) Mechanisms for the SAOCOM Mission SENER Polska Marcin Wygachiewicz
15:30   Coffee break
16:00    Initial tests results of the heavy duty cycloidal gearbox for space applications CBK PAN Poland Paweł Zagórski
16:30   PIAP Space in the field of space PIAP Space Sp. z o.o., Warsaw Office Krzysztof NATUSIEWICZ
17:00   Process of development and test campaign of deorbit sail - the main payload of PW-Sat2 satellite PW-Sat2  Katarzyna Bielawska
17:30   Welcome Reception at Wintergarden South 
Thursday 14th of February
Start Time
  Presentation Title
 Company and country  Presenter

09:00 - 09:20   Welcome Speech Head TEC-MS at ESA  Tommaso Ghidini
09:20 - 12:00   Business to Business meetings 
12:20 - 14:00    Lunch break
Schedule Final Presentation Days 2019
Start Time Duration (min) Title Company Presenter
14:00 10 FPD welcome speech ESA Lionel Gaillard
14:15 20 Lubrication concepts for low temperatures AAC Andreas Merstallinger
Marc Schuster
14:45 40 Ongoing and Future Tribology Activities in ESTL - 2019 ESTL Simon Lewis
15:30 20 Characterisation of Low Cost Solid Lubricants ESTL David Wickens
    Coffee break    
16:30 20 Mechanisms of Fluid Lubrication - Perspectives from Use of the Advanced Bearing Test Rig ESTL Achilleas Vortsellas
17:00 20 Environmental and Storage Effects on the Tribological Performance of MoS2 ESTL Anthony Kent
17:30 20 Overview of Long Term Storage Effects on Mechanism Elements (LTS) Activity at ESTL ESTL Michael Buttery /
Charlie Yeates
18:00   End of first day    
Friday 15th of February
08:30 20 Focus Mechanism for Exomars CSEM Antoine Verhaeghe
09:00 20 Magneto-Resistive Angular Position Sensor RUAG Anett Krammer
Tilo Schmidt
09:30 20 Magnetic Bearing Technologies Celeroton Lukas Weinrich
10:00 20 Scan Mechanisms for the MetOP-SG instruments - Challenges and Qualification Status Airbus Nikolaus Ruder
10:30 20 Mechanically Steerable Data Downlink Antenna Kongsberg Karl Patrik Mandelin
    Coffee break    
11:15 20 TRED - Temperature Reduced Dependability Damper RUAG Christian Neugebauer
11:45 20 Thrust Vector Control System for Deorbiting Satellites ALMA Tech  Anett Krammer
12:15 20 Microvibration sources and characterization Astro Fein Stefan Wiegand
12:45 20 Microvibration sources and characterization SSC Alessandro Stabile
    Lunch break    
14:00 20 Demisability analysis of Reaction Wheels RCD  
Markus Ehinger
14:30 20 Reusable and non-explosive actuator for hold down and release mechanisms Spin.Works Carlos Perestrelo
15:00 20 REACH example of treatment of pyrotechnics squibs for space applications Dassault Francois Taisne
15:30 20 Testing of Bearing Lubricants for Pointing Applications Honeywell Jakub Chmelar
16:00 20 HARMADES - Torque enhancement of dry lubricated downsized Harmonic Drive® gears Harmonic Drive Markus Jansson
16:30   End of second day    


SENER Polska     Poland                 
COMOTI Romania
Wophotonics Lituana Lituana
Institute of Space Science Romania Institute of Space Romania
National Institute for Lasers, Plasma and Radiation Physics Romania          Romania