Final Proceedings

27Alazard, Prof. DanielDouble-stage active control of micro-vibrations for high accuracy pointing missionsAdvances in Control
18Geshnizjani, Dr. RaminTapping the Potential of Adaptable Control and Estimation Methods for Satellite AOCSAdvances in Control
75Guercio, Mr. NicolaInertial and digital line of sight stabilization for LEO and GEO missionsAdvances in Control
66Sanfedino, Dr. FrancescoMonolithic Versus Distributed Structure/Control Optimization of Large Flexible SpacecraftAdvances in Control
98Aliberti, Eng. StefanoDynamics and Aerodynamic Control of a Cross-Track Tether Satellite SystemAdvances in Control
146Invernizzi, Dr. DavideRobust Control of Free-Flying Space Manipulator for Capturing Uncontrolled Thumbling ObjectsAdvances in Control
222VanZwieten, Dr. TannenPath to First Flight of Adaptive Augmenting Control on NASA’s Space Launch System for Artemis IAdvances in Control
25Bosco, Dr. AndreaFeasibility assessment of a Fine Guidance Sensor in the Infrared bandAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 1
12Goux, Dr. PierreMSR-ERO : Narrow Angle Navigation CameraAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 1
136Kämpfe, Dr. ThomasRVS®3000 LIDAR Product Family from Rendezvous and Docking Applications to Hazard Mapping for Planetary LandingAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 1
56Schmidt, Dr. UweHigh-Accuracy Star Tracker ASTRO XPAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 1
176Berrighi, Eng. GianniMini-Spacestar: a successful product updated to adapt to the needs of new space marketsAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 1
93Lagadec, Mr. KristenA Passive Device for Postmortem Detumbling/Antitumbling of LEO Satellites, to Facilitate Active RemovalAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 1
3Leijtens, Mr. JohanEverything you always wanted to demand from a digital Sunsensor but couldn't getAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 1
216Bartels, Mr. FriedrichDevelopment of highly adaptive reaction wheels for geostationary and high agility satellitesAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 2
163Mayer, Mr. AlexanderDevelopment of a Control Moment Gyroscope for Small SatellitesAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 2
120Torasso, Dr. AlbertoAQUILA and 3AA: design and test results of high-accuracy accelerometer sensor and equipmentAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 2
121Torasso, Dr. AlbertoARIETIS and ARIETIS-NS gyros test results and qualification statusAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 2
62Borges Farconi, Eng. LeonardoMethods and Procedure for the nonlinear dynamic characterization of Inertial Sensors under diverse operational conditionsAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 2
170Matsumoto, Mr. ShuichiFlight results of Redundant MEMS IMU (MARIN) on satellite and launch vehicleAdvances in Sensors & Actuators 2
198Acciarini, Mr. GiacomoStochastic Continuation for Space Trajectory DesignAnalytical Methods for Spaceflight Problems
219Gemignani, Mr. GabrielePrimer vector theory based optimal guidance for orbital transfers in cis-lunar environmentAnalytical Methods for Spaceflight Problems
82Herasimenka, Miss AlesiaStation-keeping under conical constraint on the control forceAnalytical Methods for Spaceflight Problems
32Boumchita, Mr. WailSemi-analytical estimation of the probability of capture into 1:1 ground-track resonance of a low-thrust spacecraft around an asteroid.Analytical Methods for Spaceflight Problems
188D'Anniballe, Mr. AntonioCollision Analysis for Multiple Satellites Released from a Common DispenserAnalytical Methods for Spaceflight Problems
212Anzalone, Dr. EvanArtemis Navigation Architecture: Early Capabilities and Long Term Evolvability and EvolutionCurrent Missions 1
7Da Silva Pais Cabral, Mr. FranciscoDesign, Development, Validation and Verification of the HERA GNC subsystemCurrent Missions 1
108Falcoz, Dr. AlexandreGuidance, Navigation & Control on-board architecture for Mars Sample Return Rendezvous & CaptureCurrent Missions 1
86Chapman, Mr. PatrickAriel - AOCS overview, Safe Mode and Normal Mode designCurrent Missions 1
24Saponara, Eng. MassimilianoThe Euclid AOCS and FGS verification tasks on the Proto-Flight ModelCurrent Missions 1
102Chapel, Dr. JimGOES-R GN&C Capabilities Used to Support Instrument Anomaly InvestigationsCurrent Missions 2
138de LAIGLESIA, Mr. Juan ManuelAOCS innovations for Airbus OneSat platformCurrent Missions 2
177Primavera, Eng. AsiaThe CIMR satellite– challenges and design solutions for AOCS systemCurrent Missions 2
150Regnier, Mr. PascalJUICE Attitude and Orbit Control System : major HW & SW challenges from design to development & validationCurrent Missions 2
20Rodriguez, Dr. JulioA robust and flexible AOCS architecture for OHB’s Standard Earth Observation Platform (EOS)Current Missions 2
33Wiedermann, Dr. GeorgThe MetOp-SG Satellite Attitude Control System - Challenges and SolutionsCurrent Missions 2
84Woo, Ms. PamelaALTIUS Attitude and Orbit Control System Software and System-Level Test ResultsCurrent Missions 2
36Casu, Eng. DavideEROSS+ Phase A/B1 Guidance, Navigation and Control design for In-Orbit ServicingFuture Missions
119Sánchez Maestro, Mr. RaúlGNC functional architecture design and implementation of the LISA drag-free control systemFuture Missions
183Wiedermann, Dr. GeorgAstroBus NEO - A Flexible Satellite Platform Product for Earth Observation MissionsFuture Missions
124Bodin, Dr. PerComet Interceptor: AOCS/GNC Design Challenges for Flying through the Dust Environment of a CometFuture Missions
140Buonagura, Mr. CarmineThe CubeSat Mission FUTURE: a Preliminary Analysis to Validate the On-board Autonomous Orbit DeterminationFuture Missions
77Franzè, Eng. RenatoGuidance, navigation and control for the autonomous return-to-launch-site functionality of experimental free-falling-units ejected at high altitude from a sounding rocketFuture Missions
143Biertümpfel, Dr. FelixIntegral Quadratic Constraint-Based Robustness Analysis of Launch VehiclesGNC for Future Space Transportation Systems
71Cacciatore, Mr. FrancescoSpace Rider Re-Entry Module Scaled Down Flight Test CampaignGNC for Future Space Transportation Systems
191De Oliveira, Mrs. AliceRobust Control Design via Structured H-infinity for the Atmospheric Re-entry of Reusable LaunchersGNC for Future Space Transportation Systems
151Neuss, Eng. MalteReconfigurable On-Board Guidance for (Micro-) LaunchersGNC for Future Space Transportation Systems
196ICHIKAWA, Dr. TomonoriDevelopment of Redundant Integrated Navigation System (RINS) for launch vehicleGNC for Future Space Transportation Systems
30Simplicio, Dr. PedroLauncher Attitude Control based on Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion: a Feasibility Study towards Fast and Robust Design ApproachesGNC for Future Space Transportation Systems
157Da Silva Pais Cabral, Mr. FranciscoRefactoring the AOCS/GNC Sub-System from HERA to COMET-INTERCEPTOR - a Lesson in Minimizing Validation Efforts Using Small-Body HeritageGNC for Small Body and Planetary Missions
94Godin, Mr. CédricHazard Detection & Avoidance and Optical Navigation Integration Demonstration for Autonomous Moon Landing ApplicationsGNC for Small Body and Planetary Missions
65Toldbo, Dr. ChristinaHardware-in-the-Loop Simulations of a Navigation Camera in a Cometary Dust EnvironmentGNC for Small Body and Planetary Missions
10Da Silva Pais Cabral, Mr. FranciscoThe Juventas GNC Subsystem, Autonomous Landing on the Surface of the Binary Asteroid DimorphosGNC for Small Body and Planetary Missions
16Lagabarre, Mrs. SandraDesign of the MMX Rover Attitude Control System for Autonomous Power SupplyGNC for Small Body and Planetary Missions
172Martin, Mr. MauricePioneering the Small Bodies Frontiers: The Key Enabling Technologies for Autonomous Precise MobilityGNC for Small Body and Planetary Missions
79Kanani, Dr. KeyvanMSR-ERO Rendezvous Navigation Sensors and Image ProcessingImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 1
34Markowski, Eng. DominikLow-level image processing for detecting faint asteroid in the Hera missionImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 1
174Pugliatti, Mr. MattiaThe image processing of Milani: challenges after DART impact
Image Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 1
78Renaut, Mr. LeoLiDAR based pose tracking of an uncooperative spacecraft using the smoothed normal distribution transformImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 1
164Martin, Dr. IainRealistic, synthetic image generation for simulating lunar approach and pinpoint landings through enhancing DEMs with PANGUImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 1
215Wajoras, Mrs. JuliaGMVISION: CO-PROCESSOR FOR COMPLEX VISION-BASED AUTONOMOUS NAVIGATION IN SPACEImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 1
53Woicke, Dr. SvenjaEvaluation of optical absolute navigation method using craters for lunar south pole landingImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 1
201Ceresoli, Mr. MicheleLeveraging Sensors Fusion to Enhance One-way Lunar Navigation SignalsImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 2
64Grieger, Dr. BjörnDetermining Dimorphos' mass from the wobble of DidymosImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 2
118Milhano, Eng. TiagoHybrid Navigation for Launchers Using Multiple Low-Cost Inertial Measurement UnitsImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 2
112Panicucci, Dr. PaoloTowards Validation and Verification of Autonomous Vision-Based Navigation for Interplanetary SpacecraftImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 2
202Azzalini, Mr. LoïcGenerating a Synthetic Event-Based Vision Dataset for
Navigation and Landing
Image Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 2
91Zyśk, Mr. KrystianGeneration of Artificial Infrared Camera Images for Visual Navigation SimulationImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 2
13Cacciatore, Mr. FrancescoPODIUM: A pulsar navigation unit for science missionsImage Processing, Vision-Based Navigation and Autonomous Navigation 2
88Chapman, Mr. PatrickINTEGRAL operations and mission rescue without thrustersIn Orbit Experience & Demonstrators
14Dandré, Mr. PierreMeteosat Third Generation : first AOCS in flight results from PFM-I1 LEOP and commissioningIn Orbit Experience & Demonstrators
43López Pina, Dr. AmadorCHEOPS: AOCS in-flight experienceIn Orbit Experience & Demonstrators
103Ramsey, Mr. GraemeOn-Board Deployment Event Verification for GOES-R SpacecraftIn Orbit Experience & Demonstrators
5Miller, Dr. ScottIn-Orbit Assessment of a Physics-based Star Tracker Model using DART and PSP Flight DataIn Orbit Experience & Demonstrators
169Procopio, Eng. DoricoAutonomous Star Tracker performance approaching Dimorphos Asteroid in DART MissionIn Orbit Experience & Demonstrators
28Ramio-Tomas, Eng. LaiaSWOT: an AOCS answering to high payload constraints and a controlled reentry of a large satelliteIn Orbit Experience & Demonstrators
186Braun, Dr. BenjaminEvaluating differential GNSS techniques for landing the 1st stage of an RLV – with a skydiver experimentLaunchers, Atmospheric Re-entry and Aero-assisted Manoeuvres Guidance and Control
148Gkoutzos, Eng. DimitriosASTOS – The Complete Toolchain for Launch Vehicle Trajectory Simulation, GNC Design and V&VLaunchers, Atmospheric Re-entry and Aero-assisted Manoeuvres Guidance and Control
104Navarro-Tapia, Dr. DiegoIdentification of ascent phase launcher dynamics using machine learningLaunchers, Atmospheric Re-entry and Aero-assisted Manoeuvres Guidance and Control
126Guadagnini, Mr. JacopoMultidisciplinary Design Optimisation for Missionisation of Re-entry Vehicles: Preliminary Mission Design and Mission Capabilities Evaluation of Winged Re-Entry Vehicles Case StudyLaunchers, Atmospheric Re-entry and Aero-assisted Manoeuvres Guidance and Control
96Lagadec, Mr. KristenAssisted Reentry for All-Electric LEO SpacecraftLaunchers, Atmospheric Re-entry and Aero-assisted Manoeuvres Guidance and Control
204Matsumoto, Mr. ShuichiStudy of re-entry guidance for orbital recovery and rocket first stage recoveryLaunchers, Atmospheric Re-entry and Aero-assisted Manoeuvres Guidance and Control
31Vernis, Mr. PhilippeAerocapture Guidance Design for the AERODEM MissionLaunchers, Atmospheric Re-entry and Aero-assisted Manoeuvres Guidance and Control
123Bonaccorsi, Mr. SergioA software suite for conjunction analysis assessment in Space Surveillance and Tracking applicationsModelling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems
52Peñarroya, Mr. PelayoASTROSIM: A MINOR CELESTIAL BODY ENVIRONMENTS SIMULATION SUITE.Modelling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems
147Vural, Mr. DerenReal-time Rasterization Simulation of Thermal Infrared images for spacecraft applicationsModelling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems
8Gäßler, Mr. BjörnDesign and Development of R2M2 – a Multi-Physics Modeling Tool for Reusable Launch VehiclesModelling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems
225Tartabini, Mr. PaulModeling, Simulation, and Visualization Environment to Support Independent Verification and Validation of Artemis 1 Separation EventsModelling and Simulation of Dynamical Systems
142Garino, Mr. CristianoDesign of Identification and Compensation Methods for Space Rider GNC AlgorithmsOn Board Autonomous AOCS/GNC
92Lagadec, Mr. KristenUsing a Star-tracker in degraded modes: outputs of the STEAM R&D studyOn Board Autonomous AOCS/GNC
85Lourenço, Dr. PedroFault Tolerant Control for a Cluster of Rocket Engines – Methods and outcomes for guidance and control recovery strategies in launchersOn Board Autonomous AOCS/GNC
95Ozenne, Mr. AntoineLow-thrust deorbiting after dual reaction wheel failure: autonomous attitude guidance and hybrid actuator control modeOn Board Autonomous AOCS/GNC
35Comellini, Dr. AntheaSafety in GNC systems design for In-Orbit Servicing during Rendezvous and close proximity operationsOn Board Autonomous AOCS/GNC
192Delavault, Mrs. StéphanieClose Proximity Operations for a 3 Nanosatellites Formation in LEOOn Board Autonomous AOCS/GNC
187Martinez, Mr. AlvaroGuidance, Navigation and Control for the autonomous rendezvous and docking of cooperative targetsOn Board Autonomous AOCS/GNC
197Claudet, Mr. ThomasSuccessive Convexification for On-board Scheduling of Spacecraft Rendezvous MissionsOn Board Autonomous Optimised Guidance
122Popov, Mr. AlexanderFast Sequential Convex Programming with Relaxed Convergence CriteriaOn Board Autonomous Optimised Guidance
161Spada, Eng. FabioSuccessive convexification-based fuel-optimal high-altitude guidance of the RETALT reusable launcherOn Board Autonomous Optimised Guidance
23Visintini, Mr. AlessandroRecent Trends in Computational Guidance and Control for Space ApplicationsOn Board Autonomous Optimised Guidance
113Bodin, Dr. PerAttitude Guidance Using On-Board OptimisationOn Board Autonomous Optimised Guidance
155Lourenço, Dr. PedroVerification & validation of optimisation-based control systems: methods and outcomes of VV4RTOSOn Board Autonomous Optimised Guidance
73Ramírez, Eng. JesúsEmbedded Optimization for Space Rider Reentry Module Parafoil GNCOn Board Autonomous Optimised Guidance
61Baldauf, Mr. NiklasLearning-based motion control of a rover on unknown groundPoster Presentations
117Chelkowski, Dr. SimonASTROtir – A multi-purpose thermal infrared cameraPoster Presentations
76DELONG, Mr. NicolasAdaptation of Pre-Existing Navigation Library BOLERO for Interplanetary MissionsPoster Presentations
46Dokoupil, Mr. AranTowards nano-g sensing for high precision orbital manoeuvresPoster Presentations
206Lavagna, Prof. MichèleFlat-sat facility for processor-in-the-loop verification and testing of nanosatellite ADCSPoster Presentations
29Rodrigues, Eng. RicardoDynamics modeling, robust attitude control and worst-case analysis of an on-orbit robotic servicing mission involving flexible large spacecraftPoster Presentations
67Schuhmacher, Mr. JonasInvestigation of the Robustness of Neural Density FieldsPoster Presentations
89Somers, Miss FrancaProbabilistic stability margins and their application to AOCS
Poster Presentations
106Thiele, Mr. FrederikAdaptive Control for Vibration Attenuation 
of a Laser Communication Terminal
Poster Presentations
127Vasconcelos, Dr. José FernandesAIVIONIC - Artificial intelligence techniques in on-board avionics and software

Poster Presentations
205Vasconcelos, Dr. José FernandesLearning-based Control and Estimation for Attitude Regulation of a Reusable Launcher for Landing ScenarioPoster Presentations
111De Munter, Eng. WimHigh-precision pointing platform performance simulations for small spacecraft missionsSmall Satellites and Cubesat AOCS/GNC (Hardware & Subsystems)
55Osik Shaydurova, Mrs. AnastasiyaIndustrialization: D-Orbit’s experience with the AOCS PlatformSmall Satellites and Cubesat AOCS/GNC (Hardware & Subsystems)
139Pandey, Ms. GarimaInvestigating Advanced AOCS Techniques to Improve Robustness and Reliability of Low-Cost MissionsSmall Satellites and Cubesat AOCS/GNC (Hardware & Subsystems)
114Panicucci, Dr. PaoloCurrent Status of the LUMIO Autonomous Optical Navigation ExperimentSmall Satellites and Cubesat AOCS/GNC (Hardware & Subsystems)
68Cuypers, Mr. CedricDesign of a Low Micro Vibration High Precision CubeSat Reaction WheelSmall Satellites and Cubesat AOCS/GNC (Hardware & Subsystems)
154Jovanovic, Mr. NemanjaSpherical Air-bearing AOCS testbed with parasitic moments of inertia cancelationSmall Satellites and Cubesat AOCS/GNC (Hardware & Subsystems)
130Nicolai, Dr. AnjaNew Developments in Attitude Control Hardware-in-the-Loop TestingSmall Satellites and Cubesat AOCS/GNC (Hardware & Subsystems)
165Stijnen, Mr. BasMoment of Inertia Measurement of a CubeSat Through Object Motion Tracking of Trifilar Pendulum OscillationsSmall Satellites and Cubesat AOCS/GNC (Hardware & Subsystems)
226Cacciatore, Mr. FrancescoPerformance achievement and verification of unprecedented stability AOCS for EUCLIDSpace Mission AOCS/GNC Validation & Verification
38DUBANCHET, Dr. VincentEROSS+ ground demonstrations from Model to Hardware in the Loop validationSpace Mission AOCS/GNC Validation & Verification
58Evain, Dr. HélèneAttitude control laws validation through probabilistic µ-analysis : application to a microsatellite control lawsSpace Mission AOCS/GNC Validation & Verification
171Martin, Mr. MauriceTowards New V&V in AOCS/GNC for Industrial EfficiencySpace Mission AOCS/GNC Validation & Verification
179Benoit, Mr. AlainValidation and Verification of the long-term dynamic evolution of non-operational satellites in LEO to enable Active Debris Removal missionsSpace Mission AOCS/GNC Validation & Verification
184Dandré, Mr. PierreAIMONS, V&V process update of AOCS OBSW applicationSpace Mission AOCS/GNC Validation & Verification
173Martinez, Mr. AlvaroThe SysAOCS project: from ESA AOCS/GNC Documents to Digital ModelsSpace Mission AOCS/GNC Validation & Verification
4Martens, Dr. WaldemarSALTO: An Expert-Informed Global Trajectory Design and Optimization ToolkitSpacecraft Trajectory Simulation and Optimisation
132Muylle, Ms. JuliaCubeNav: A Flight Dynamics tool to support Guidance and Navigation Operations of deep-space CubeSatsSpacecraft Trajectory Simulation and Optimisation
48Walther, Mr. MaximilianASTOS Orbit Generator - rapid creation of quasi-optimal orbital transfers in the 2BP, CR3BP and BCR4BPSpacecraft Trajectory Simulation and Optimisation
51Locoche, Eng. SlimCis-Lunar Transfer Vehicle: Mission Analysis for an ESA Transfer Vehicle to the GatewaySpacecraft Trajectory Simulation and Optimisation
57Maråk, Mr. RasmusTrajectory Optimization of a Swarm Orbiting 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Maximising Gravitational SignalSpacecraft Trajectory Simulation and Optimisation
199Masat, Mr. AlessandroGPU-based Augmented Trajectory Propagation: orbital regularization interface and NVIDIA CUDA Tensor Core performanceSpacecraft Trajectory Simulation and Optimisation
45Denis, Mr. Jules-edouardPropellant sloshing effect modelling of spacecraft with Machine LearningTrends in AI/ML for AOCS/GNC Systems
15Escalante, Mr. AlfredoBennunet - Applying Machine Learning Techniques for Autonomous Optical Relative Navigation of an AsteroidTrends in AI/ML for AOCS/GNC Systems
156Kaluthantrige Don, Mr. AurelioPose estimation of chaotic motion of Didymos' moon using CNN-based Image Processing algorithmTrends in AI/ML for AOCS/GNC Systems
69Peñarroya, Mr. PelayoCNN-based Autonomous Hazard Detection: a LiDAR-less approach.Trends in AI/ML for AOCS/GNC Systems
131Carrillo Barrenechea, Miss MariaEnabling AI-in-the-loop AOCS algorithms on in-flight hardware: from conception to in-orbit demonstration in ESA OPS-SATTrends in AI/ML for AOCS/GNC Systems
145Vasconcelos, Dr. José FernandesDeep Reinforcement Learning based Integrated Guidance and Control for a Launcher Landing ProblemTrends in AI/ML for AOCS/GNC Systems
135Veenman, Dr. JoostEnhancing the Guidance, Navigation and Control of Autonomous Parafoils using Machine Learning MethodsTrends in AI/ML for AOCS/GNC Systems
110Wajoras, Mrs. JuliaArtificial Intelligence for Terrain Relative Navigation in Unknown EnvironmentsTrends in AI/ML for AOCS/GNC Systems

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