Sopot is the smallest town of the Tricity metropolis, situated just between Gdansk and Gdynia. Beside the bustling “Monciak” Boulevard, there are some charming peaceful areas where you may enjoy Art Nouveau villas, pleasant parks and forests cut through by gorgeous ravines.The name “Sopot” is first mentioned in 13th century records. It was primarily an old Slavonic settlement dating back to the times of the early Middle Ages. The inhabitants made their living from fishing and a range of crafts.At the turn of 17th and 18th century, Sopot was transformed into an increasingly fashionable spa that lured an affluent and aristocratic set as much for its soothing waters as for its vibrant social life.Sopot survived the war relatively undamaged, and after World War II it was returned to Poland and began to recover quickly. In 1961 it became home to the Sopot Festival, a song competition for groups and singers from home and abroad. Nowadays it is a well-known holiday resort offering unlimited possibilities for active vacationing, as well as more relaxing spa activities (StayPoland, 2019). 

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